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Mike Rosoft
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Default Re: GMs, what is the worst magical item you've ever given out?

Originally Posted by SolemnGolem View Post
Not me, but game designer/cartoonist Jennifer Diane Reitz once had an anecdote on her webpage (which I cannot find anymore).

The party was making its way through a space derelict and they were supposed to solve puzzles in each room to get to the bridge, engines, cargo bays, etc. and accomplish objectives there.

Because this was kind of a one-off "jam" session, their GM allowed them to take a single magic item from their PCs' previous campaigns.

One PC had a magic box that could contain anything. It was something like 1 meter to a side. It could be doubled in linear dimension after one minute of concentration.

The player got bored and so he quietly went for an airlock, setting up a few delaying things in his wake. He EVA'd outside the derelict and began concentrating to expand the size of his magic box.

After about half an hour, the other PCs realized what was going on, and began a mad scramble to the airlock to try to stop him. Unfortunately they were too late and after about one hour of in-game time, the EVA PC had expanded the magic box large enough to contain the entire space derelict, the closest planet, the nearest star, and in fact the entirety of the solar system (some 300 trillion meters in diameter) within the box.

He then closed the box and left. The GM apparently handed over all the campaign notes to the player and admitted defeat.
The original story can be found here, including a follow-up:
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