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Default Re: Visible Horizon

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Bat on page 20.

Or better yet image of an Air Elemental.
If you're going to summon an Air Elemental, why not just have it destroy the other ship? Why screw around with sighting things?

Reminds me of a SpecOps guy who came to me in the First Gulf War and suggested his team emplace Radar reflectors directly on the targets we were going to be hitting with air strikes (to assist our guys in finding the right aim points). I looked at him for a minute or so and then said; "If you're going there anyway, why not take a satchel charge or two and save us the trip?"
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Default Re: Visible Horizon

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Self powered Flight and Fresh Air items and we're off to explore the moons of Cidri.
Unless the Mnoren created (or massively modified) magic-as-we-know-it when they created Cidri and your propulsion and life support spells flicker out at about 100 km up. "You will not go to space today."
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