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Default Adjacency of a Room to itself via Portals

Two questions regarding adjacency and Portals when a room has two matching Portals on two of its links:

1: Can a Room be considered adjacent to itself if it has two matching Portals on two of its links?

2: Even if not considered adjacent, can you move from such a Room to itself?

For question 1, I believe the answer is no. The two definitions of adjacency in the Rules for Munchkin Quest and Portal Kombat both mention Rooms in the plural. It would also lead to potential abuse in rooms such as the Monster Training Room as you could exhaust the Treasure deck if you wanted to.

For question 2, I believe the answer is yes. The Portal Kombat rules make no reference to adjacency when discussing using Portals to move. They say that you can leave through one portal and enter a room on either side of a matching one. Thus, you should be able to enter the room you just exited.

Is my reasoning correct?
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