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Default [DF] Divine, Infernal and Magic

The distinctions between the Divine, Infernal and magical are important to a dungeon fantasy game. The world was originally created by the gods and this creation was deemed to be good. Mana or magic is the surplus energy of creation that allows for more creation to occur if a person has the ability to to use its power like a wizard. Magic can recreate reality to the way the caster desires. The Divine restores creation to its original perfection when created. Before the presence of evil the world was of perfection. The introduction of evil into the world caused the perfect order of creation to break down, this is the effect of evil to tear down what has been created. This is the desire of demon lords and the Devil which is to destroy what God has created. Evil is a corrupting force on creation while Divinity is a restoring force on creation that has been corrupted.

A Resurrection spell is the ultimate restoration of life and a cleric who is able to use this spell must have the approval of the gods. Zombie, Wraith and Lich spells are all corruptions of a Resurrection spell and thus are unholy and forbidden by the gods. A zombie, wraith and lich are unnatural so they must have mana to exist. Infernal energy can only corrupt and destroy so it can not keep an undead being existing unless there is some energy to allow it,thus since Divine energy is forbidden, mana is used its place. Therefore these undead will need both mana and Infernal energy to exist.

The Infernal can never create and only destroy, thus in the end times after complete separation from the gods, evil and the Infernal will be powerless. Evil relies on creation that has been corrupted to do it's work and once that creation has been consumed by evil and corruption that creation will be completely destroyed and become nothingness. But until that point, evil seeks to corrupt creation in order to create armies that will fight the battles against the gods in order to destroy all of creation.
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