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Axly Suregrip
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Default My tweaks to the Net (Retiarius)

Well after looking at lots of gladiator recreation videos and reading up on retiarius, this is how I decided to tweak the Net rules. Right now the only abuse I have seen of the net is a fighter carrying seven of them (6 on belt) and with thrown weapon skill throwing one a turn. It is not as bad as the same situation with bolas, but still, this what I decided is better than just banning them.

History background first. One source says the historical net used by Roman gladiators was a 10' diameter circular net with both ends of the draw rope tied to the gladiators wrist and weights along the edge. It makes sense it is this big and that it needed a draw string or how else is a net thrown over someone's head and shoulders is going to make them fall? BTW, in all the recreation videos I never saw one successfully make someone fall. The closest was getting the net caught on his shield and helmet. A bother. I also found this art work from Roman era Spain interesting:
It too depicts a gladiator with the net draped over his head and holders, yet still able to slay the retiarius.

So at first I was trying to think how to model the draw string (limit range and have separate throw vs drawing). Then I realized the TFT net is a simplification on purpose and to focus more on what aspects of a real net would hinder the gaming exploits. Most of it has to do with how bulky it is and thus limitations coming from that and how it needs to be properly spread before throwing to achieve a grab. And finally addressed the fact that sometimes it is just not going to trip, but just drape over the foe.

Changes are:

- too bulky, so any carried on belt treat like a large weapon (fills one of the two over 2 lb slots)
- takes a turn to prepare when readying the weapon, regardless of ThrownWeapons skill.
- when thrown, if you make the to-hit roll by 3 or more, then you made your foe fall as per ITL pg 113, and fully ensnared. Example: you need a 10 and you roll a 7. This is by 3 better.
- when thrown, if you make the to-hit roll by 2 or less, then you merely got the net over top of the foe. That is, partially entangled. The foe will now fight at -2 DX until he removes it. Otherwise he may continue to fight, move, and so on with no other issue. Attempting to remove the net is the same as on ITL pg 113 but requires no movement that turn and is a combat action.
- entanglement is only effective against creatures that are 1 hex in size

I think the above models reality better while keeping it simple.

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Default Re: My tweaks to the Net (Retiarius)

I don't think nets should make victims fall at all. They should reduce DX and MA.
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