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Default Fantasy Races and appearance

I know this is a topic that has been done over and over, but I want a fresh take.

Let's say you want elves to be generally Attractive or Beautiful.
Let's say hobgoblins are unattractive, generally, but not necessarily to each other.
Let's imagine a character can have a personal attractiveness trait, which applies mainly to members of their own race.

What are some constructions?

Is this weird?
Unattractive (Universal; Not versus other hobgoblins, -10%) [-5]
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Default Re: Fantasy Races and appearance

Within a fantasy setting, Appearance generally refers to the standards of the reference race (usually, but not always, human). I generally treat Appearance relative to the non-reference race as 1/4th the difference in cost (basically the average difference between Appearance with Universal and Appearance without Universal). For example, the average elf is Attractive [4] to humans, but an elf who other elves found found Beautiful would pay 2 CP (net 6 CP), as she would receive a +1 from humans but a +2/+4 from other elves. Conversely, a goblin who was Very Beautiful [16] to humans could be Hideous to other goblins, which would be worth -8 CP (net 8 CP) as she would receive +2/+6 from humans but -4 from other goblins.
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Default Re: Fantasy Races and appearance

Fantasy covers this, I think. Not against own race is a -25% limitation to Appearance (both good and bad).
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