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Old 09-12-2019, 11:18 AM   #1
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Default TFT in Different Genres

Hello. Long time lurker, blah blah. So, I've hunted around a bit both here and the webs, but haven't been able to come to an answer for this yet, but has / is anyone running TFT in a different genre (modern/future/etc)? I'm pretty sure I saw something somewhere where someone was ... but I lost the link and it was a while ago.
Thanks in advance, and keep being awesome!
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Default Re: TFT in Different Genres

Welcome! I know some people stretch the boundaries of TFT's core quasi-medieval fantasy setting, but it is not supported with much published material. One place to look is the TFT Companion, which includes a long article on 'supers' that has a bunch of talents and equipment for modern settings.
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Old 09-13-2019, 06:42 PM   #3
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Default Re: TFT in Different Genres

I have, in relatively short campaigns and one-offs. And when I ran Classic Traveller and as a TFT player, could not stand the elements TFT's combat system has that Traveller lacked, such as rules for actual range, cover, terrain and map positions... so I imported a lot of TFT.

There are a few sources for some rules for other genres, such as The TFT Companion, Dark City Games' lite sci fi system, and a Wild West article in the old Interplay magazine.
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Old 09-16-2019, 07:33 PM   #4
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Default Re: TFT in Different Genres

Where do you go to get the combat stats of Zeppelins and Ziggurats?
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Old 09-24-2019, 12:28 AM   #5
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Default Re: TFT in Different Genres

There's also a set of rules over here for using TFT in Traveler.

And here for using it in Tekumel (not really a different "genre" but certainly a wildly different kind of world...).

I can also highly recommend Dark City Games for their rules (easily converted back into full TFT) for the Wild West and Far Future games.

Finally, you can go here for a version that addresses many of the popular issues being brought up on these Fora and which is designed for use in the Swords & Sorcery genre. It's still a work in progress (the magic system is due out soon), but it's an interesting (and fully playable) take on the subject -- take a look at Blades (Black Magic is soon to come).
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Old 09-28-2019, 08:07 AM   #6
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Default Re: TFT in Different Genres

I’m opening a can of worms admitting this here, but...

There almost was a superhero game based on The Fantasy Trip.

Back in the days when I was Line Editor for TFT at Metagaming, Greg Poehlein and I designed In The Name of Justice, a Microgame-format superhero/super villain battle game based on TFT. The game featured 10 pregenerated characters which could be matched up in hero vs villain tactical combats.

The intent was to see if, eventually, a full-scale superhero RPG could be built around In the Labyrinth’s basic concepts.

I believe Metagaming announced the project officially at one point. The game was complete and ready for final edit, artwork, and typesetting/layout at the time Metagaming went silent. And that was that.

Some of the concepts (and the title) were reused for later projects Greg and I worked together, but ITNOJ as a TFT-based game was never released. But it proves that it CAN be done.

I don’t think Steve has any interest in multi-genre TFT products. After all, that’s what GURPS is for. But it is an interesting experiment. At the core, TFT is a way to simulate adventure-oriented human action, and is widely adaptable to any genre.

No, I cannot easily lay my hands on the original manuscript. That was several computer format changes ago, and I think the minifloppies it was on are probably long-lost. I think Greg came across the character cards or at least the stats some time back.

The game relied on creating Powers that were basically handled like Spells, chosen during character creation. Supers were treated as a separate character type like Heroes and Wizards in TFT, with rules for how they could select powers. Some Powers enhanced basic stats like ST/DX/MA to superhuman levels. Others worked almost exactly like Spells in that they used ST to operate, but Supers could use character points to buy energy reserves that could be used only to fuel Powers, not as ST for other purposes. Some Powers granted flight, or invulnerability (essentially Armor), or supersenses (enhancing IQ only for appropriate sensory rolls).

All of that was background not included in ITNOJ itself, which had only pregenerated characters so it would go into a Microgame format. But the pregens were built with those concepts behind them. We’d intended, if ITNOJ was popular, to follow up with Microquest-like packages adding more characters and combat scenarios/arenas (rooftops, city streets, a bank, villain lairs, etc.) and eventually the full RPG ruleset.

Alas, one more “might have been”. The late David Tepool actually turned in a final manuscript for High Noon, his TFT-based Old West gunfight game. It, too, was a limited-scope proof-of-concept Microgame — But Metagaming went dark, Greg, Dave and I were hired to do Star Trek by FASA and we went other directions.

Greg’s made no secret of the fact that the Plainlabel Game System he developed was his attempt to fill a market void that the unavailability of TFT created. It became the basis for several fantasy arena type games, the Simply Roleplaying! universal RPG system, and supplements Simply Fantastic, (heroic fantasy - which Microtactix did release) and Simply Superhuman (which was about 95% finished by Bob Portnell and I but never released).

If you are curious about PlainLabel, Simply Roleplaying! is still downloadable for free at
Guy McLimore
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Default Re: TFT in Different Genres

To my surprise, there’s an RPG Geek entry for the later Plaid Rabbit publication of In the Name of Justice, which uses a different system but has a lot of resemblance to the TFT-based original. You can see a description of it and some sample pages at:
Guy McLimore
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