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Default Re: Yet Another Specialization System (YASS!) for wizards

Originally Posted by Anomylous View Post
I've split up the spell list into 6 schools (seems fitting, we love our 6's here... 6 sided dice, hex maps...), and come up with a system meant to encourage more diverse magic-using builds.

Most of these ideas aren't particularly original to me, I've basically just compiled them and attempted to wrangle the mess into some semblance of game balance. In the process I've (mostly) tried to disturb the core rules as little as possible. Ain't broke yada yada... So pure-vanilla wizards would stay pretty competitive against ones built on this system, I think, and there's no reason you couldn't have both in a campaign.

Anyway, I'd appreciate whatever feedback y'all care to give.
These are similar to how Steve divided his schools of magic when I played in his game, but the Guilds were things like War, Healers, Telecomunicists, Illusionists, Summoners, ect. I think there were 8 in all and the only prohibition was you couldn't learn Healer spells if you were a war mage.

I like the levels of Mastery.

I also like the Fibonacci sequence for increasing damage, limiting missile spells to 3 ST feels like an artificial cap.
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