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Old 03-25-2021, 07:05 PM   #32
Jeff Lord
Join Date: Jul 2018
Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

@TippetsTX - I fully concede that the Attributes/2 "solution" is optimized for Classic TFT. Back then, it was all we had. ;)

We played with a 48 point attribute cap, so it was a little more forgiving than Legacy's 40 point cap.

And it goes without saying that every play group is different. As such, I never observed "alot more wizard/heroes and hero/wizards than your typical TFT game." Your group might have taken it in an entirely different direction. De gustibus!

@Steve Plambeck - I totally get what you're saying, especially with regards to Legacy's aforementioned 40 point cap. But, following my stated point that every play group is different, a lot of your "bugs" were seen as "features" by my players.

You wrote:
"16 points of talents for a starting character seems too much to me. . . Filling 16 slots is going to make that take much longer, causing some awkwardness at the table."

Filling all 16 points almost never happened with my players. Although I do see the problems it might present to a complete TFT novice.

"For survival reasons every character is going to want to assign those 16 initial slots to anything and everything that might help keep them alive, because staying alive is always the first priority. But then the education, the skills of the figure, are largely predetermined for the length of their career."

My players may respectfully disagree - staying alive was NOT always the first priority. :) I cannot tell you how fixated my group was (and still is!) on seemingly non-useful talents like mimic. And, again, almost everyone eschewed filling all 16 slots, so "predetermination" wasn't really a problem.

You also wrote:
"It may be the most elegant of the proposals we've been kicking around, a simple change that would address several concerns in just a few words. I love that kind of house rule."

You are most kind to say so. We thought so as well. ;) We wanted our TFT to "feel" like TFT. We thought, at the time, that this was the best "non-fiddly" way to accomplish this.

It most definitely does not mesh as well with Legacy RAW.
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