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Operative Sin
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Default Headquarters - Signature Gear Variant

Hi all,

I would appreciate some assistance on verifying that I'm grokking the Headquarters (Signature Gear) rules from GURPS 4e Supers.

My first issue is the base cost, right from the Supers Book:

Originally Posted by GURPS Supers (p85)
Signature Gear (Status -2 HQ)[1]
Signature Gear (Status -1 HQ)[2]
Signature Gear (Status 0 HQ)[3]
Now the base cost of higher equivalent status bases jumps by 5 (as per status) at this point, correct?

Signature Gear (Status 1 HQ)[5]
Signature Gear (Status 2 HQ)[10]
Signature Gear (Status 3 HQ)[15]
Would a HQ with equivalent Status 2 or higher have "other properties" like shown on the Cost of Living Chart in Basic Set - Characters (p266), Or would you need to buy the smaller "other properties" separately?

If the character already has the "High TL" advantage, the resulting HQ would reflect the characters TL and not the campaigns TL?


You can apply enhancements if you want something beyond an ordinary civilian building, and this is where I get lost. Some of them I have no issue with, others I'm not sure I understand.

Originally Posted by GURPS 4e - Supers (p85)
If you have an unusual location;
uses defenses, security, or camouflage that aren't legal for civilians;
or you don't register it with the legal authorities.
Are these mutually exclusive or cumulative?

I can understand paying for the location, I'm not sure I understand the enhancements for the legal for civilians or legal authorities - this might be a genre issue though.

Originally Posted by GURPS 4e - Supers (p85)
If your headquarters has magical of superscience traits.
Would you need this if the campaign or character is already TL^?

Apparatus & Access

Both Apparatus and Access sections talk about:

Originally Posted by GURPS 4e - Supers
available for a base with Special Features at the +x% level.
Is the referencing previous enhancements or are these new enhancements?


Urgh - I'm trying to cost out the following base:

Hidden underneath on the island of Vatu Vara this ancient base remains shielded, even to asgard sensors, to this day.

Campaign TL: TL6/TL8/TL8^ (1920s/1990s/2000s)
Character TL: TL12^

Ancient Lab (Status 2 HQ)
	Electronic Security System
	Shielded Room (Entire Base???)
	Uninterruptible Power Supply (Can't it have its own generator instead?)
	Underwater (Hidden Hanger Entrance)
	Teleportation Device (Hidden - Biometric)
	~10,000 sq ft (based on "and 10,000 square feet for an extremely large house")

One other thing completely unrelated to Headquarters Stuff:

GURPS Spaceships Stuff

Do Ancient Drone Weapons as shown here and here count as Missile Launchers or Warp Missile Launchers?


Anyways - Thanks for any help everyone.
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