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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
I haven't double-checked anything but I quickly realised he does not have any swinging ability with his club.
Yea, I didn't add that either. The Netflix version doesn't really do that (and with cancellation won't ever get to that point).

Ambidexterity [5]; Catfall [10]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Daredevil [15];
It occurs to me that I forgot to add Daredevil [15] to Daredevil. Catfall is probably a nice touch as well. I added Fit to help recover fatigue.

Perfect Balance [15]; Trained By A Master [30]
I toyed with Perfect Balance. Isn't TBAM [40]?

Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Smallsword) [1];
You made him ambidextrous. Why does he need offhand training?

Style Familiarity: Boxing [1]; Style Familiarity: Escrima [1]; Swinging [1]
I intentionally skipped MA to reduce the number of supplements necessary. It's a great book with lots of crunch, but between Basic, Powers, Supers, and a few Power-Ups I already had too much source material.

Discriminatory Hearing (Passive Biological, -5%) [15]; Discriminatory Smell (Emotion Sense, +50%; Passive Biological, -5%) [22]; Discriminatory Taste (Passive Biological, -5%) [10]; Para-Radar (Extended Arc: 360, +125%; Super, -10%) [86]; Parabolic Hearing 3 (Passive Biological, -5%) [12]; Sensitive Touch (Stethoscopic, +50%; Ultra-Fine, +30%; Passive Biological, -5%) [18]; Robust Hearing [1]; Vibration Sense (Passive Biological, -5%) [10]
Not allowing source based neutralize/static in your setting? Overall this looks pretty good... I missed vibration sense and I suspect that parabolic hearing is a bit low (this version would treat 8 ft away the same as 1 ft, which seems low for hearing whispers a room away through barriers).

Disadvantages [-208]
Blindness [-50]; Charitable (9) [-22]; Code of Honor (Hero's) [-10]; Flashbacks (Mild) [-5]; Guilt Complex [-5]; Light Sleeper [-5]; Obsession: Eliminate Organized Crime (Long-Term Goal) (9) [-15]; On The Edge (9) [-22]; Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10]; Secret Identity (Imprisonment) [-20]; Selfless (9) [-7]; Sense of Duty: Residents of Hell's Kitchen (Large Group) [-10]; Social Stigma (Blind) [-5]; Susceptible to Loud Noises -5 [-20].
I'd cut a bit here. Blindness, sure. Code, mmmm, not sure. Flashbacks, not randomly under stress. Guilt, mostly from being a catholic (quirk). Light sleeper means he'll be low on fatigue. Obession seems to overlap with SoD. Would he do one without the other? Charitable seems to overlap with SoD, doesn't he primarily help out those Hell's Kitchen (not all over NY). He's not really selfless either, he has lots of other motivations from the prior -200 points in disads.

Skills [83]
A good list, more reflective of an experienced DD. I'd still wildcard quite a few of those into one focus for simplicity.

Relationship [-13]
Contact: Ben Urich (Daily Bugle Reporter) (Effective Skill 15; Usually Reliable; Frequency: 9 or less) [4];
Contact: Underworld (Effective Skill 12; Unreliable; Frequency: 12 or less) [1];
Dependent and Ally: Foggy Nelson (25% of total; Frequency: 9 or less) [-9];
Dependent and Ally: Karen Page (25% of total; Frequency: 9 or less) [-9];
At those levels, they would be the focus of the campaign, which doesn't work well if you have lots of PCs with similar setups. I suspect that 75% of the time he isn't babysitting either Foggy or Karen, so I'd go 6- for the dependents... or perhaps make it one roll for either at 6-. That doesn't mean they aren't around more often. It just means that 9% he had to drop everything to focus on their problems relative to the 38% with one 9-. Other times he interacts with them as NPCs/friends. If he needs them as allies the ally number can be higher than the dependent #.
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