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Default Re: Explaining the 1 second/turn rationale

Originally Posted by RussellChamp View Post
Ah... I think I miscommunicated a bit here... a turn may go this way.
Start -> (wielding a weapon they don't want like a bow) -> drop weapon -> quick draw first 1-hand weapon -> quick draw second 1-hand weapon -> attack once -> attack twice (using Extra Attack 1) -> End
That's rather different, then, to the point where I don't see a problem. The character can attack twice because he bought a rather expensive advantage which allows him to attack twice, so he's only doing what it says on the tin. Throw in the points necessary to buy up Fast-Draw so he can do that reliably and probably buying Ambidexterity or Off-Hand Weapon Training so he's not just flailing with the second weapon...well, yes, it's impressive, but the character has clearly been built to be impressive in that particular way. He's a talented specialist, capable of doing things that most people can't. (Conversely, he hasn't spent points, more than likely, in other areas: social skills, advantages that make him popular, technical skills, etc. He may be impressive with his weapons, but easy prey for the next con man to stroll by.)

This isn't a problem with turn length, I think, so much as possibly not understanding just how much the character is designed to be a badass. This is a cinematic Western gunslinger or a guy in a John Woo movie. If you don't want this kind of character in your games, you'll want to, as you noted, restrict Extra Attack.
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