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Default Re: New Advantage: Multitasking

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
Iím thinking in a magic campaign, where it could be used to reduce the penalties for having multiple spells going, this advantage is massively under priced at 2 points/level, and should priced as Compartmentalized Mind (-nn% no extra mind compartments) for [something less than 50 points/level].

For my Star Trek campaign, I wasnít really seeing it as allowing for an additional tasks during combat turns. If was to model people good at juggling two or more long tasks at once. So, it doesnít grant an extra maneuver; you don't do any more at the same time than anybody else, you just do it better when you do it.
A big part of Compartmentalized Mind is the extra combat maneuver, which should be relevant for any campaign where purely mental tasks (spells, psionics or anything similar) can be utilized in combat. Directly attacking the mind should probably be a notable risk in these campaigns, so the pseudo-protection offered by CM is still valuable. I'd probably put the No Extra Mind Compartments limitation somewhere in the -20-30% range.

For the no-combat effect version, I'd say that the Multitasking (skill) perk would be allowable (and trainable) up to a cap of 2 or 3 levels in a realistic campaign, but more levels of Multitasking and Synchronized in its entirety feel like they are 100% cinematic.
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