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Default Re: The art of Dungeon Fantasy 13: Monsters 1

I like to think of Dungeon Fantasy as a combination of Hack n' Slash video games like Diablo, Dungeon Siege, and Torchlight, and some what silly anime such as "Slayers" or "Rune Warrior Louie" with a splash of Conan, Black Company and Stormbringer books.

It is the only genre where I don't punish my players for saying "100 Skeleton Warriors? Great! I run to the middle of them and start hacking!"

I have a High Fantasy/Cinematic/Wuxia campaign where the characters are over the top but they suffer damage and consequences just like in the real world. For that I use GURPS 4e.

On the topic of DF Monsters I would like to see as many of them as possible art or no art. Two things that I have always found disappeared from the local shop was adventure modules and bestiaries. The best Monster Manual that TSR ever published was the 2nd edition The Monstrous Compendium, it's only real flaw was it was hard to organise alphabetical order. However despite that it made it cheap enough for them to fly out lots of monsters quickly (although some quality control on that would have been nice).
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