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Join Date: Aug 2018
Location: Glendale, Calif. near L.A.
Default GURPS Space Tabletop RPG near Los Angeles

I知 running a GURPS 4th ed. Space Tabletop RPG in Alhambra, CA (just east of L.A.) at 2:00 pm on Sundays.

I値l be using GURPS 4th edition. Start with a 200 point character. TL 10

You値l be a secret agent working for Dark Angel Investigative Agency. Dark Angel is a Patron worth 20 points of Advantage. They can provide $15,000 worth of equipment per agent. Duty to Dark Angel is almost all the time and extremely hazardous. -20 points Disadvantage. You may have up to -100 points of other Disadvantages, for a total of -120 points and -5 Quirks. Useful skills: combat, thief/spy skills, social skills. Beam weapons, guns, computer operation, computer hacking, criminology, forensics, driving, research, electronics operation (security systems), fast-talk, karate, judo, boxing, wrestling, or brawling, piloting (Vertol aircraft), stealth, interrogation, search, shadowing, streetwise. Useful Advantages: Alertness, charisma, combat reflexes, danger sense, intuition, luck, strong will. Useful Disadvantages: Fanaticism (Dark Angel), sense of duty (fellow agents), code of honor (Professional, stays bought), overconfidence.

If you want, you can have a psionic character. Danger Sense and Empathy are useful. You can also have a Martial Artist. I知 using the 4th ed. Basic Set and 3rd ed. Psionics and Martial Arts books. If you want, you can use the 4th ed. Psionics and Martial Arts books.

What痴 your phone number? Do you have the GURPS Characters book? I値l be getting the GURPS Characters book. If you don稚 have the GURPS Characters book, you can use GURPS Lite 4th ed.


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gurps 4e, sci-fi, space

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