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Default Integral Color 3D Printing

I have been using a variety of traditional and non-traditional Army Men (and Women) in my roleplaying games. The figures are easy to acquire, easy to manipulate at the table, easy to transport (just throw them in a box), and come in a wide range of colors (for identification). Unfortunately, they are also very large -- 1/30 scale or 54mm -- which limits the size of engagement one can run on a typical gaming table.*

Although there are manufacturers of smaller plastic miniatures, they are intended for painting like lead or pewter figures and so usually come in a neutral gray color. The variety of types at any given scale is also more limited: WWII figs are common; astronauts, not so much.

So it occurs to me to ask: is there a line of colored feedstock for 3D printers that would allow me to replicate the range of colors available for Army Men or something like Risk pawns? If so, it would be worth my time to explore further (suitable designs and devices).

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

*Although interestingly this is the native scale for SJ Game's TFT hexmaps: 1-1/2" = 48" is 1/32 scale.

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