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Default Re: Space 4e System Generation

Originally Posted by Big Bear
I'm going to turn it into an Excel spreadsheet in an attempt to ease my throbbing brain. It's an awful lot of detail...
How's it going? I look forward to playing with it. :)
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Default Re: Space 4e System Generation

Originally Posted by dataweaver View Post
(orbital radius / snow line radius) = (126 Kelvins / blackbody temperature) squared.

(Why 126 Kelvins? Because that's the temperature that I get when I plug the Snow Line radius into the formula in step 25. I'm seriously considering using 125 Kelvins instead, since it's a nicer number and I doubt that one Kelvin out of 126 will trash the system.)

Step 21, placing a predesigned world: R = (126/B)^2 * Rs
Step 25, blackbody temperature: B = 126 / square root of (R / Rs)
(In both cases, Rs = snow line radius.)

World Type Assignment Table: I pencilled in a column giving appropriate orbital radii as percentages of the snow line radius.

I've replaced the luminosity-based Inner Limit with 0.2% of the Snow Line radius. It requires computing the Snow Line before computing the Inner Limit; but that's not a major problem IMHO.
I find this is going to be extremely helpful with the white dwarf system I'm currently working on. I mean I know they have a stated luminosity of .001, but there have got to be exceptions, and I like to do the math to see what happens.
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