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Default Re: [OOC] Worlds of Fire

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Could we get a rundown of where everyone is and what the site looks like? A estimation of numbers and distances would be good as well.

I also don't think any nukes are coming unless this is a larger group and compound than I thought.
Numbers of people who just vanished were roughly two hundred. The SS will explain that if the Necromancers have spread themselves over the country at sites like this then there could be upwards of two or three thousand getting together for whatever comes next. This appears to be a central or leadership group, rather than an unusually large one.

The entire group just escaped basically (the ones from this site). The current theory is that they'll be heading out to whatever site is going to be used for the coming ritual, along with all of the others. There wasn't much that anyone could do about it, aside from taking pot shots at Phule (with a visibility modifier of -2 and a range modifier of at least -8 and no more than a couple of seconds to fire in).

So, as a grand total:

All player characters, along with the SS named NPCs, have returned to the SS field base to assess intelligence type stuff and work out the next move.

The Necromancers on the site have vanished. Where to, you and the SS need to make some rolls to work out. Phule, something of a major figure apparently (and knowing magic that the SS had no idea even existed), went with them.
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