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Default Re: Calculating "Power Level" or "Combat Score" in GURPS

One of my players in an Isekai-style campaign asked for the ability to see the "power level" of his foes. I warned him that it would be misleading, often inaccurate, would not take into account specific tactical implications, etc, and he said he was fine with that; he liked the story prospects of sometimes having the power levels be misleading. So I use the guidelines under "it's a threat", from the aforementioned pyramid magazine.

It's working out well. He's had some times where the reported power-level was straight up misleading (A woman with a threat score that was very low because her round-by-round DPS was low, but she had a crossbow, meaning all her damage was concentrated in one very dangerous round per six rounds) and other times where the ability came in very handy. ("Wait, this town guard's got how high of a power level? Maybe he's more than what he's pretending to be...") I hide the formula from the players, and they seem to be enjoying messing around with stuff to see how it affects the power rating. ("Here, hand me your sword and scan me again, I want to see how much it raises my power level!" followed by "Weird! It doesn't boost my power level as much as it boosts yours! It must take into account the skill with the weapon, because I'm not as good with swords as you!")He seems to be enjoying it, but that's because in some ways we're embracing the trope of "power level is a crock" that zoncxs mentioned. Trying to figure out when to trust it and when to ignore it has made for some interesting decision points.

Implementation notes: I have a spreadsheet I can use, where I just throw numbers into it and get a the threat rating out the other end, which speeds play if people want to "scan" everybody under the sun.
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