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Prince Charon
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Default Re: Characters with 'Power-heavy' builds

Another one that's on the edge of qualifying for the thread, but seems to fit conceptually:

Bertrand du Coutances, 1267

Age: 29


ST 10 [0]; DX 11 [20]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 11 [10]

Secondary Characteristics

HP 10; Will 13 [5]; Per 13 [5]; FP 11

Thrust: 1d-2; Swing: 1d

Block: 8
Brawling Parry: 8
Knife Parry: 8
Staff Parry: 9

Basic Speed: 5.5; Move: 5; Dodge: 8

Social Background

Languages: Ancien Normant (Native) [0]; Latin (Native) [6]; Old French (Native) [4]; Middle English (Accented) [4]; Middle Breton (Broken) [2].

TL: 3

Cultural Familiarity: 13th-century Western Europe [0].

Subtotal: 96


Danger Sense [15]
Intuition [15]
Luck (Ridiculous) [60]
Serendipity 7 [105]
Visualization (Reduced Time 7 (instant), +140%) [24]

Cunning Folk Talent 3 [30]
Talker Talent 2 [10]


Alcohol Tolerance. [1]
Dabbler (Liberal Arts: Accounting 7, Mathematics (Pure) 6, Mathematics (Surveying) 7, Musical Composition (Voice choirs) 6, Philosophy (Medieval Scholastic) 7). [1]
Good Neighbor. [1]
Good with Churchfolk. [1]

Subtotal: 263


Code of Honor (Professional) [-5]
Nightmares (12) [-5]
Overconfidence (12) [-5]
Phantom Voices [-5]
Sense of Duty (Friends) [-5]
Weirdness Magnet [-15]


Always polite to women and children, even when quite angry. [-1]
Likes dogs. [-1]
Particular about his wine. [-1]
Won't sit with his back to a door or window. [-1]

Subtotal: -44



Acting [IQ/A] [1] 11
Animal Handling (Canines) [IQ/A] [1] 14*
Area Knowledge (Normandie) [IQ/E] [1] 12
Astronomy/TL3 [IQ/H] [2] 11
Brawling [DX/E] [2] 12
Chemistry/TL3 [IQ/H] [2] 11
Cloak [DX/A] [2] 11
Detect Lies [Per/H] [4] 15**
Diplomacy [IQ/H] [4] 14**
Dreaming [Will/H] [1] 11
Expert Skill (Visualization) [IQ/H] [8] 13
Explosives (Fireworks)/TL3 [IQ/A] [2] 12
Fast-Talk [IQ/A] [2] 14**
First Aid/TL3 [IQ/E] [0] 15
Fortune-Telling (Dream Interpretation) [IQ/A] [2] 15*
Fortune-Telling (Western Astrology) [IQ/A] [1] 14*
Hypnotism [IQ/H] [4] 12
Knife [DX/E] [1] 11
Mathematics (Applied)/TL3 [IQ/H] [1] 10
Naturalist [IQ/H] [4] 15*
Occultism [IQ/A] [2] 15*
Pharmacy (Herbal)/TL3 [IQ/H] [4] 15*
Poisons/TL3 [IQ/H] [2] 14*
Psychology (Practical) [IQ/H] [2] 13**
Public Speaking [IQ/A] [1] 11
Religious Ritual (Catholic) [IQ/H] [2] 11
Singing [HT/E] [1] 12
Sleight of Hand [DX/H] [4] 11
Staff [DX/A] [4] 12
Survival (Woodlands) [Per/A] [2] 13
Theology (Catholic) [IQ/H] [1] 10
Throwing [DX/A] [2] 11
Thrown Weapon (Darts) [DX/E] [1] 11
Veterinary [IQ/H] [4] 15*
Weather Sense/TL3 [IQ/A] [2] 15*

*Includes +3 from Cunning Folk Talent.
**Includes +2 from Talker Talent.


Disarming (H) Staff [2] 13
Kicking (H) Brawling-2 [0] 10
Retain Weapon (H) Knife [2] 13
Retain Weapon (H) Staff [2] 13

Subtotal: 85

Total: 400


Heavy Cloak
Large Knife
^First Aid kit
^Fireworks kit
^Smoke bombs
^Incendiary bombs


Bertrand du Coutances is a talented and oddly adventurous cunning-man, in a historical or semi-historical no-mana setting that uses 'Magic as Luck.' He could technically fit in the setting of 'Caravan to Ein-Arris' with little modification if the GM allowed, though he's too expensive for a standard PC. His 'present' coincides with the year of the earliest written accounts of black powder in Europe (by Roger Bacon), though it may have been known for quite some time prior.

'Pharmacy (Herbal)' replaces Herb Lore in this version of the Cunning Folk Talent. His Danger Sense and Intuition make his Fortue-Telling skills seem useful for more than conning or entertaining people, since he's right more often than the law of averages would allow (which doesn't make his nightmares less debilitating, but does make him believe that they're useful).

'Good Neighbor' comes from GURPS Psionic Powers, but here is 'just luck,' rather than psi. 'Good with Churchfolk' applies to priests, monks, nuns, deacons, and others who make their living or do significant volunteer work for the church (rather important for medieval cunning-folk). His lack of any Reputation is intentional, since that will depend to a fair degree in the GM's setting assumptions.

Bertrand was built partly using the Apothecary and Diviner templates from GURPS Historical Folks pp11 & 44, respectively (and the 4e conversion hosted at RPK's, pp5 & 19). Details on the Seven Liberal Arts were based on the text box 'The Medieval Curriculum,' in Low-Tech Companion 1 p32 - he's over-educated for a cunning-man, but then, ordinary folks don't often become adventurers.

Warning, I have the Distractible and Imaginative quirks in real life.

"The more corrupt a government, the more it legislates."
-- Tacitus

Five Earths, All in a Row. Updated 12/17/2022: Apocrypha: Bridges out of Time, Part I has been posted.
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