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Default Re: [Psi/Space] Irar, the Jewel in the British Crown

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
... um, I'm going to read this in more detail later, but I think I should point out that there's already a write-up for the Irari, in GURPS Aliens, and also in the 4e conversion for it at GURPSLand.

Okay, that's funny.

I haven't looked at GURPS: Aliens in, quite literally, more than a decade, and I hadn't recalled those aliens even existed.

I'll take a look at it, just so I can more easily follow along in this setting as you create it, and maybe occasionally contribute something that's actually useful. :)

<Goes and looks>

I actually like my version better, honestly.
The IQ +2 is a huge advantage in a sci-fi campaign, and you can get the same results with more targeted advantages, without making a race into a bunch of uber-generalists.

(Why, yes. I do belong to the Cult of Stat Normalization. How could you tell?)

I'm not sure Extended Lifespan is worth it, but okay, it helps balance the psychological disad load I gave them.
As for the vulnerability, I would swap that for a racial HT-1 [-10] for their more fragile skeletal structures, but given the other limitations I gave the version, a 30-point vulnerability is no longer needed to reduce the point cost, really.
In retrospect, I'd also add Post-Combat Shakes [-5] as a racial feature. It fits pretty well.

On the other hand, if they have sufficiently advanced science, the Vulnerability would have mitigators available in the form of cybernetics or exoskeletons, so, "meh".

<Back to the regularly scheduled thread>

Anyway. Carry on. Nothing to see, here!
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