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Default Re: So... PCs, ha.

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Hilariously, the PCs did not fly directly at the gate pillar and neither did they land the Rocinante and walk through tunnels infested with ghouls, nightgaunts and Nazi guard posts.

Obviously, they drew on vast reserves of Cold One derived magic stored in captured diamonds and created an enormous enchanted carapace of burrowing insect shape around the Rocinante and then 'flew' it through the ice of Kadath.

This collapsed several tunnels, which did not worry the extremely tough carapace, but was rather harder on some ghouls. And then they hit a ghoul warren, which was an experience rather like driving an industrial harvester into a herd of sheep, if the sheep were Mythos horrors and the industrial harvester was driven by a thousand unearthly furies.

Now the Rocinante-cum-ice-horror-insect is skittering across the black stone of a buried monument of sunken Kadath while the survivors of the ghoul warren (and a few dozen nightgaunts) are in hot pursuit. Two PCs are firing MG42s at the pursuing Mythos horrors while two sky pirates with a crash course in Gunner/TL7 are acting as loaders. They are firing through ports in the carapace, cunningly placed somewhere in the rear, likely at some place inviting juvenile humour.

And 'Nonc' Morel is working on a 210 energy ritual that will collapse thousands of tons of ice on the pursuing horrors.

I guess the ASNs on the surface are waking up to some strange trembles and will soon experience a very hard quake.
I kind of love that all your prep work is this extremely detail-oriented, what-if kind of stuff, with lovingly researched bits on AA artillery available to theoretical Nazis, etc.... and your actual games are apparently a cross between Big Trouble in Little China and the Borderlands game series. It's just a lovely contrast.
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