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Default Solo play discussion

Let's face it, there are not always others who love OGRE to be around to battle against.
Introducing Moose: Mechanical Ogre Opponent Simulation Engine
A System for Solo Play in Steve Jackson's Ogre™
I was hoping to find a system of printing out some behavior cards like this here but I got a good article on solo play.
My system was thus:
Roll three dice:
d6 (target priority) Roll once per movement point
1...INF --> Armor --> GEV
2...INF --> GEV --> Armor
3...Armor --> GEV --> INF
4...Armor --> INF --> GEV
5...GEV --> Armor --> INF
6...GEV --> INF --> Armor
d6 (ratio) Roll once per target
6...3:1 (roll again. If a 6 is rolled again, 4:1)
d6 (move) Roll once per movement point
6...Move Backwards

If under howitzer firing umbrella, move away from the howitzer on a roll of 1-3 on d6. If there is a CP within range of any remaining weapon after a full movement, the roll will be 1 on d6 instead.

Tell me what you think.
I still miss Hobb's website and his OGRE and unit creation page.
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