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Default Re: Need help in preparing campaign

Originally Posted by Dutch_Wolf View Post
FIrst post here anyway:
Welcome :J

Originally Posted by Dutch_Wolf View Post
Currently my problem is that for the feeling I want in the game a combination of Path magic and realmbased magic seems to be great, but path magic does a lot with charms which per default do not work without opposable thumbs
Well, one trick which can be handy when dealing with other species is to replace our major elements with theirs.

In the case of client-oriented charms, their main role seems to be letting others know something interesting is happening; for humans, this is a visual element, but for wolves perhaps it should be a scent element. So in place of a client-oriented charm, the magic leaves an obvious scent on the client, which vanishes suddenly when a charm would break.

The other role of charms is to not have a client in mind when you do the ritual; this role can be removed(making the rituals client-oriented), or it can be emphasized, with the inconvenience being a major limitation of such rituals(they produce an item which the user must roll in). In either case, perhaps give a +2 to the ritual's default for the inconvenience.

Since material and symbolic components are also difficult without thumbs, the wolves might think of Path/Book Adept: Material/Symbolic the way default GURPS thinks of Magery 0 - simply a requirement to work the magic. Path/Book Adept: Ritual Space would also be good for a traveling group.

Originally Posted by Dutch_Wolf View Post
also I need some advice in creating new paths and rituals (preferably travel magic).
I've created a few rituals of my own; one handy trick is to import them from the "Hawthorne"(default) magic system by analogy with ritual magic. These are from a setting I was working on called Vajra Of The Stars(sort of Record Of Lodoss War meets an Ancient Astronauts take on the Mahabharata), and is inspired by archeological Celtic thought. The Paths were Beasts, Contracts, Cunning, Dreams, Flame(AKA Gadgets but they didn't know that), Form, Health, Knowledge, The Land, Luck, The Sky, Spirit, and The Water. Here's the few travel-oriented ones I've already done:

Aquatic Slide
Effect Shaping: Path Of The Water-4; 10 minutes.

This ritual empowers the target to move easily through water, at a move equal to their Basic Speed(round up).

Fly Like An Eagle
Effect Shaping: Path Of The Sky-8; 10 minutes.

This ritual causes translucent wings to sprout from the target's body, allowing them to fly at a move equal to twice their Basic Speed(round up). They have a stall speed of half their Basic Speed(round up), however.

Effect Shaping: Path Of The Land-6*; 10 minutes.
* or Path Of The Land-4 to only pass through soft soil.

This ritual empowers the target to pass through land of all kinds, including worked sod and stone, at a move equal to half their Basic Speed(round up).

Originally Posted by Dutch_Wolf View Post
Also some general campaign advice is also welcome
Something similar but more extreme is GURPS Bunnies & Burrows, which provides a lot of stuff about handling campaigns from animal perspectives.

One tip is to keep their sensory differences in mind. Not just in describing information from their senses, but the angle is likely to be different. Humans' primary sense is very fast, very transient, and easily blocked. Wolves will take longer to gather scent impressions, but those will naturally provide a history, and of course hearing and scent both go around corners. So a wolf's perception of a place isn't so much "what's out in the open right now", as "what is and has been around here somewhere".
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