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Default New Starter Questions

My apologizes if in previous posts or threads these questions have been answered but I have been searching high and low for a number of hours now; found some answers, but still missing the remainder.

If you don't mind, I'll throw them all in one. These questions refer to the cards and rules in Munchkin/Deluxe (as I'm new I haven't purchased any new base decks or expansions)

1: Can Curse and/or Monster Cards and/or GUAL be put down in front of the player as "carried" cards, and used when necessary?

(This may sound like a very n00b question, but I couldn't see anywhere in the rules that said you cannot "carry" them)

2: "Charity": Assuming that the cards above cannot be "carried" and I have 5 cards (3 Curse Cards, Illusion, Cheat!) in my hand already, I "Kick Open the Door" and find a "Mate" card, which I put in my hand; at this point I don't have any monster cards, so I loot the room, and find an "Out To Lunch" card. Now I have 7 Cards.

2A: I am a level 2, and every one else is a level 2 or more, So at this point I just throw 2 of these cards to the discard pile, correct?

2B-1: I am a level 5, and we have a level 4 and two level 2s, so at this point, I pick 2 of the cards from my hand, and give both the level 2s, one card each (as a MUST)?

2B-2: After giving each player one card each, the level 2 to my right has 6 cards now, does he have to discard 1 card at this point, or wait until the end of his turn when it gets around to him?

(Again, my apologizes if my questions seem dumb or to in depth, I just want to make sure when we start playing it's correct from the get go, its hard to break incorrect habits after you play the wrong way)

3: Undead Monsters: Player 3 Kicks Open the Door and finds a Level 2, Undead: Mr Bones. I have Level 16 Undead: King Tut, in my hand. I am able to play this at any time during his combat to increase the level required to 18, and if he cannot beat it, he is still required to roll twice to escape?

3a: and I assume that if he does beat both monsters, obtaining Level 18 (if a warrior) or 19 if not, he get both number of treasures on the card (5), he will also go up 2 levels?

4: Super Munchkin Card: If I am a Thief, but have a Super Munchkin Card, but not a 2nd card and I choose to play the "Theft" aspect of the class, but do not roll a 4+ on the dice. Is the "lose a level" negated by the fact I am a super munchkin with all the advantages, BUT NOT the disadvantages?

I hope these questions aren't too dumb, and easy enough to be answered, it's just been a bit of a mind boggle trying to work out what is what, but we are super keen to start playing, just wanted to double check a few things first :)

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carry, charity, discard, hand limit, undead

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