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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Rapid Healing, Recovery, Regeneration and Regrowth

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
As I noted, it makes perfect sense if VRH is Rapid Healing [5] + HP+10 (Only for determining healing rate -50%) [10]. And I don't think I'd call the DFRPG/MH modification a nerf - my reading of VRH is that it only applies to the daily recovery roll, not things like Regeneration, Bandaging/Treating Shock, quaffing potions, receiving healing spells, etc. Having a character with VRH and HP 30 only heal at a rate of up to 4 HP per day instead of 6 HP per day is a nerf, but is more than made up for by the fact that more accessible healing options (which are available in DFRPG and MH) enjoy a boost, such that every 3 HP of such healing (1 HP nominal healing, x3 for having HP 30) counts as 4 HP (also, I suspect characters with HP 30+ are fairly rare even in such settings). That said, you could certainly try to convince your GM that having VRH double all healing is the way to go; if the GM opts to stick with how DFRPG/MH does it, just don't take VRH on your character (and if that was necessary for your character concept, well, that means your character concept doesn't work for the setting - which is unfortunate, but sometimes that's just how things go; if I were playing in a DFRPG game and the GM wouldn't let me use Weapon Adaptation to get the +2 Parry of staves when wielding a spear, I'd just... build a character other than a spearman).
Yes, I follow the argument made here and in the thread I linked to, but I just don't think it's a very good one ... especially given the relative costs of all the other traits available for healing - and a comparison of Very Rapid Healing to Regeneration (or simply buying more HP) is what prompted my comment.

Consider: for the same 25 points you might pay to get VR Healing 2, which I really do think should triple all healing, magical or otherwise, you could get Regular Regeneration [25], which allows you to recover 1 HP per hour ... which gets multiplied by your high HP bonus. For 5 more points, you could buy Healing [30] and heal all your friends of as many HP as you can afford in Fatigue.

So, yeah, I think VR Healing did get nerfed - especially when you consider that the MORE someone spends on high HP, the relatively more useless Very Rapid Healing gets, while Healing and Regeneration become more and more valuable.

I don't see any problem with a flat multiplier effect. The person who has 50 HP has spent at least 80 CP to get there. Add that to the 15 for Very Rapid Healing or the 25 for Very Rapid Healing 2 and you're just above or below the 100 for Very Fast Regeneration - 1 HP per second. Compare that 1 HP per second (the PC with HP 10 and Fast Regeneration [100]) to 10 or 15 HP per day (the PC with 50 HP [80] and Very Rapid Healing [15]) for natural healing. Very Rapid Healing STILL isn't holding a candle to Regeneration ( and I know, I know: the 50 HP gives a lot of additional benefits, sure).

As written, the PC who paid for HP 50 [80] and Very Rapid Healing 2 [25] will heal 7 HP a day naturally - while the person with Regeneration [100] heals 1 HP per second - like, during combat, even. Sure you can argue that magic would make a multiplier unfair - but that multiplier still exists: buy HP +10 [20] and you have a multiplier effect on magical healing. Also, the guy who gets Regeneration probably doesn't need magical healing AT ALL.

So, yeah. I think it's really puzzling that VR Healing got nerfed like this.

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advantage of the week, rapid healing, recovery, regeneration, regrowth

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