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Michael Cule
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Default Re: Personally crafted magic disciplines

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
This reminds me of art school, where there were people around to help you learn, but not necessarily to teach you much. So, how about each wizard needing to ideosyncratically combine Thaumatology with some other skill, such as painting, singing, jewelrysmithing, poetry, cooking, butchering, dancing, etc. (as is more or less described in Thaumatology, p 40)? The initiatory rites you describe could give them access to specific Paths (RPM) or Nouns & Verbs, but that access to power alone is insufficient to work magic. To do that, they apply the theoretical knowledge supplied by Thaumatology and the practical discipline of their particular field. You could still use the basics of Verb/Noun or RPM, but have the skills capped the lower of Thaumatology and this complement skill (instead of Magery). Even if they have access to a grimoire written by someone with the same discipline, they will need to figure out how to apply its information to their particular circumstance with a roll against the lower of Thaumatology/other skill.
That's nice. Especially the Art School analogy.

The crafting skills move the magician away from the front line. The performing arts move them towards it.

The need to personalise other people's spells is very ARS MAGICA.
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