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Old 11-24-2022, 09:17 AM   #71
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Default Re: Points per each Game Session? What is average or normal?

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
If the players don't do it without the incentive, will they have more fun doing a thing they need to be bribed to do? (I mean, the answer may be yes, if it's a case of "didn't bother, tried it because of the bribe, found it was easy and fun".)
A while back my nephew would not try sweet potatoes. He had refused bribes. So I just said "I'm a picky eater too, a lot like you. But one time I tried sweet potatoes and now they're one of my favorites." Didn't even frame it as a request, but it convinced him to try them.

Adapt that to roleplaying as you see fit.
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Default Re: Points per each Game Session? What is average or normal?

Thank you all for the advice and input.

I could not respond for almost the past week because I had a malfunctioning keyboard.
The space bar would not work and the letters 'd', 'f', 'L', and 'K' would not show up at all.
Have a game session coming up this Sunday.
I may have been giving too many points persession according to some of the responses.
Think for the last session I will do 3 points per player, and likely 4 points to the one that e-mails me a ship's log.

-Ed C.
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bonus points, character advancement

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