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Default Re: Rule of 16 - What's the Point?

Originally Posted by Kazander View Post
Heh. We just play with our own Rule of 16. As written, except that the attacking power cannot be rolling against a number higher than 3 greater than the resistance roll. At 16 or higher, the Rule of 16 as written prevails.

Mook has Will 10? Your attack power rolls against 13. Gives them a chance.

And it cuts both ways. Mook Wizard has spell skill 12? Your Will 17 to resist only counts as a 15.
That sounds like a good idea, I never liked the rule of 16, it seems too much like a sloppy rules patch. Your idea is much better.
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simply Nathan
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Default Re: Rule of 16 - What's the Point?

My solution was to ignore the Rule of 16 and replace the usual resistance rolls with a saving throw that functions like an Active Defense.

Resisting poison? If the poison has successfully entered your system, roll against (HT/2)+3, Resistant advantage adding to that as usual as well as the poison's stated resistance penalty.

Resisting a mental supernatural effect? Roll against (Will/2)+3.

I haven't actually tested these things.
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Default Re: Rule of 16 - What's the Point?

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
Isn't the ability to buy 'no rule of 16' enhancement for advantages but not for skills kind of biased against mages?
My understanding is that mages can buy no rule of 16 if it is available (big if)- they would just have to retroactively apply it to their control stat AND talent, like a fighter applying ignores dr to their fists.

Ie Larry the mage has IQ 10 and magery 10. For him to not be limited by the rule of 16
1. Apply 'no rule of 16' to his IQ (100 pts)
2. Apply 'no rule of 16' to his magery (50 pts)
3. Apply 'no rule of 16' to any skills purchased (+50℅)
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rule of 16

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