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Default Soul Link

How exactly does the Soul Link Discord (described in the Ethereal Player's Guide) work? I feel like I get the part about how when the ethereal/celestial with the Discord sees the linked human, they have to do a favor. I'm more confused about the part in which it works like the Djinn resonance.

I assume that means that one party can track and know the status of the other —*but does it work both ways, or only in one direction? And, if the latter, who gets to do the tracking —*the ethereal/celestial or the human? (Also, I'm assuming it said that it works like the "Djinn" and not "Cherub" resonance because the linked ethereal/celestial is not allowed to harm the human, but suffers no ill effects if the human is harmed, but let me know if you've played otherwise.)
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Default Re: Soul Link

The way it's being played with my game (I am playing an Undead and the Demon I serve has a Soul Link to me) he can sense my general direction and my state, (whether I am hurt or in danger). I can send him Essence but that's about it on my end.
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Default Re: Soul Link

What she said. *grin*

The "lesser being" side of the Soul-Link can do two things with it--1) send Essence up to its level each day, 2) command a favor from the other being if a favor is not currently being carried out.

The "greater being" side of the Soul-Link can do one thing with it--sense with a Will roll the general direction/state of the other being. He can receive sent Essence, or get compelled to do a favor, but the other person has to initiate this.

And you are right that there is no Bad Stuff for the greater being if the human is killed. As for if the greater being can harm the human himself...I would say that would be dissonant, but ethereals can't get dissonance. Not sure exactly there.
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Default Re: Soul Link

Okay, that is what made sense to me, but I'm glad to hear it wasn't just me. Rules seemed ambiguous on this point.

Also, I might treat "directly hurting someone to whom you are soul linked" as a (point-free) level 6 Dread for ethereals, if you wanted to put it in game terms.
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discord, soul link

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