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Default STL files for 3D Printing

The was a mention of STLs for TFT miniatures on the Fnord 4 page. There *might* be some discussion of that tonight at 6pm CDT on the Fnord Discord. Does anyone know anything more about this? Has this been discussed before?

I bought a resin 3D printer about three weeks ago. After shopping around, I bought a subscription to a very popular service which, for the price of the monthly subscription, provides a fairly sizable collection of very finely sculpted STL files for printing on home 3D printers.

They are beautiful figures to be sure, but they are of limited value in Melee/Wizard/TFT. So, I have been on the hunt for figures that are aren't overly ornate (there seems to a competition out there among sculptors to see who can make a figure with the largest sword, most spiky armor, or the most enormous war hammer. Add to that that they all want to make characters for that other RPG and no one seems to want to make NPCs or minions.

What I was looking for were just well sculpted, simple, figures that would be compatible with TFT character/monster cards. But, I guess that doesn't sell to their intended market. The other thing I found (with a couple of exceptions) was that female figures seem to be sculpted by teenage boys with too many hormones. I like to host convention games and I can't see myself handing a female player a figure that is supposed to be a warrior but the figure's comically well endowed form is barely contained in a steel bikini.

So, if any of you out there in TFT land know of a source of well proportioned, reasonably well sculpted figures suitable for TFT, please let us know. Furthermore, keep your fingers crossed that SJG is going to reveal plans to figures that we can download that reflect the fantastic cards that are already in the product line., if I can just figure out how Discord works before tonight...
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Peter von Kleinsmid
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Default Re: STL files for 3D Printing

See the TFT news update at and the What's New panel at Fnordcon.
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