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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
I'm fairly certain of this (trying to dig it up now), but when you joined these forums, you had to agree to the Terms Of Service, which say that everything you post here is property of SJG, since it's on their site. That would mean, among other things, that you can't just take the contents of this thread and distribute it. So, don't do anything like this, and don't necessarily expect that offering to do something like this will get you the permission you seek.

I was more referring to cleaning it up and adding it to the thread or requesting it be added to the resources section after the approvals - though as for the over all, this is kind of what I expected the answer to be, hence the references to getting permission prior to anyone doing anything. Thank you for the clarification.

The thought stream was more to organization of the items here, than distribution. I'll attempt to keep late night posting to a minimum :)
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