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Default [Spaceships] Query: Collapsible Fuel Tanks

I'm trying to locate the Official rules for using collapsible fuel tanks in cargo holds to store extra fuel. I've used them often in my ship designs but I'm beginning to wonder where the original specifications came from. I vaguely remember there was some sort of limit on the gravitational acceleration they could take when loaded but I can't remember what it was. On ships with Gravitic Compensators this isn't an issue but on more primitive vessels it might be. I just want to track down the source with book name and page number.
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Query: Collapsible Fuel Tanks

A brief bit of online searching indicates the option doesn't officially exist in 4e. I'll have to look at GURPS Classic: Vehicles to see if it makes an appearance there, but I do see from the preview that at least some rules for it are contained within GURPS Traveller Classic: Starships. I'd assume Eric B. Smith's optional rules for his design spreadsheet are adapted from 3e sources.
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Query: Collapsible Fuel Tanks

The earliest reference I've been able to find is:
Collapsible Tanks (TL5)
These are made of a light folding material – rubberized canvas at TL5, polymers at higher TLs – and typically erected in a cargo space or open deck. An empty collapsible tank can be folded for storage into a space equal to the empty weight/40 cf. A filled tank will rupture, spilling its contents, if the vehicle makes a maneuver above 1.5 G (30mph/s). Cryogenic fuels can’t be stored in such tanks until TL8, and no other weight-reducing options can be combined with the collapsible option. Weight is ×0.1, volume ×1.2 (if filled), cost ×1, and Fire +2.
This seems to have come from MA Lloyd's "GURPS Vehicles 2nd Edition Additions" chapter 7 file which quoted it directly.
Dalton “who checked his own archives...eventually” Spence

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