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Old 06-17-2009, 03:25 AM   #21
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Default Re: stacking

Originally Posted by carllarson View Post
Tell that to Fairbarn and Lee.

Not that I think GURPS should allow such, its probably outside the granularity.
They both had high Karate skill. So what?
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Default Re: stacking

I'd venture Fairbarn took a Brawling knowledge and transfered it to Karate. Much of his style seems to be dirty street Brawling tactics made scientific. In game, I could see the transfer of points from Brawling to Karate, and from technique to technique. However, his writeup only shows Karate, so the example is perhaps flawed. (This could be a case for only list the skill that gives the best bonus.)

However, Lee molded many arts into one. He in all probability had Karate and Boxing at levels that access the damage modifier. In this case, the choice is made in game each turn to decide which to use. At higher levels, it wouldn't matter, as the bonus evens out, just techniques are varied.
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Default Re: stacking

Don't mix up "style" and "skill."

Someone skilled at the fighting styles called "Boxing" and "Karate" could mix the two and end up with a well-rounded combination of style components that gives him an edge over someone who has only invested points in a single style. He might be able to smack you with Knee Strike or Targeted Attack (Boxing Uppercut/Face). He might have a Special Exercises perk that permits him Striking ST – along with the Striking ST – like a boxer, and then put that power behind a Jump Kick. And so on.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with someone who possesses the skills called "Boxing" and "Karate" getting to stack damage bonuses. That's strictly forbidden.
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Default Re: stacking

I may have clouded the issue, using my own written focus for skills and styles.

Above, if I capitalized Boxing or Karate, I meant skill. I also tend to use art instead of style. Sorry for any confusion.
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basic set, bonus stacking, combat, martial arts

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