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Default Re: DreadStormers (OOC)

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
All of the sudden I understand why you're talking about Clairvoyance on the GURPS forum.
I was already looking at clairvoyance before that, but when I pulled up the old sheet for angelica from March, I found a delightfully slim version of it using "normal sight". Kudos to psi wars for helping me to find it.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
OOC: Erick, the plan goes like this: Having the “know it all” perk, being around while passwords are entered should allow Pacifica to predict the keys (and learn them); she just needs to be around at the right place and time.

OOC: On the other hand, I think that a combination of vibration sense and her photographic memory may help her to pinpoint keystrokes in the occasion she can’t directly participate in “password events”. Think of Pacifica using her photographic memory to recall the exact picture of the pin-pad or a keyboard, then crossing this with the feed from vibration sense/sense of perception to “see” how the strokes are entered, using the know it all perk to fine tune it.

OOC: What do you think?
"Know it All" doesn't give you information you wouldn't otherwise have: it just give it to you a fraction of a second earlier. Vibration sense explicitly is not a substitute for vision: its won't tell you if your foe is holding a sword or if they are holding an axe, it certainly can't tell you which button on a pad got pushed. If you wanted that, a scanning sense would have been a better (if more expensive) choice.

Photographic memory, on the other hand, is a good choice for picking up passwords, at least the ones she can catch out of the corner of her eye.

OOC: Also, is the Zorbani army making the gruel (to compensate for the lost food), or is this made by the Dread Stormers?
The Zorbani are making the gruel to compensate for lost food.

OOC: I don't know if Orion or C-beams actually exist in this setting, but I let's imagine Pacifica refers to its equivalents. This phrase in allusion to Blade Runner, by the way.
Its a good story. Orion won't exist more than within a couple hundred lightyears of earth, which you certainly are not, but different constellations still exist, and stars will always look awesome (unless you're in a big city). The awesome sights for space combat here are lasers flashing on shields and blowing up missiles... or missiles blowing up on shields and ships.

As a weird wording thing: the armies fight on planets. Navies fight on ships. There is a huge gulf between them, and I've been around military people enough that it bugs me when service branches are referred to incorrectly.

OOC: How are you handling the +2 reaction bonus to Pacifica?
Its included in the reaction rolls.
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