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Default Re: Dual Weapon Attack and Parry

Originally Posted by Dusqune View Post
On the other hand (IIRC), in a cinematic game, Rapid Strike allows for increased number of attacks (with increasing penalties) compared to Dual Weapon Attack which is limited to the single 'double' attack. Was this meant to simulate the 'difficulty of coordinating two weapons at once'? If so, why does it only emerge in a cinematic game? In the OP's situation (non-cinematic) the whole issue of rapid strike being (potentially) better becomes moot and indicates that DWA is better than Rapid Strike. {In a summary, why do Rapid Strikes gain more potential than Dual Weapon Attacks once the game becomes cinematic while DWA's seem better in a non-cinematic setting?}

Personally I think it's a bummer to make a dual-wielder with the intent of "I get to make the most attacks" wheras the other players that dumped those points into pure weapon skill get to attack more often per turn via Rapid Strike. Seems counterintuitive to me.
I've never thought about the need to reconcile higher-level Rapid Strikes with DWA. Is there any reason you couldn't make one of your Rapid Strikes a DWA?
Originally Posted by Dusqune View Post
But, back onto the topic of non-cinematicness, I have talked to some historians that have stated quite bluntly that the only people who weilded weapons in both hands (in a medieval time period) were berzerkers or idiots, that it hurt more than it helped, and that modern movies play it up only because it looks good. However, there is the main-gauche, or the parrying dagger, that was used a little later, mainly for--as the name indicates--defensive purposes. From a realistic and historical perspective? Everything points to not the best attack method but a decent boost to defense.

Then again I'm no expert on the subject and I'm only repeating what I've been told, so take it as you will.
In general, real people are not actually going to need a Dual Weapon Attack for much of anything. Especially at the cost of a -4 penalty to attack. If you're carrying a second weapon it's more likely than not for a different reason than that. Not necessarily just for parrying though. Having a short blade in your hand has other uses...

Though lots of people went around with shields of various sorts, most of which you could conk someone nicely with in a pinch.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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dual-weapon attack, rapid strike

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