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Prince Charon
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Default [Psionic Powers] Astral Sword techniques and questions

I mentioned these in another thread, but got no response, so here's one dedicated to it.

Astral Bow
Default: Astral Sword-2; cannot exceed Astral Sword.

You can now strike at range, rather than needing to close with your foe. As with the main ability, the weapon may take on any appearance the user wishes, even those that would normally not be ranged weapons. (Drops 'Melee Attack, C, 1, -20%' from the Statistics.) Does this look like it should work?

Changing Damage types on Astral Sword

There are a number of Innate Attacks that cost more than Cutting, so I was wondering if altering the damage type could be treated as a modifier, and thus turned into a technique. Cutting Attack has a base cost of 7 points, so converting it to an Impaling or Huge Piercing Attack, both of which have a base cost of 8 points, would be a +14% enhancement (well, 14.2857%), and converting it to a Corrosion or Fatigue Attack would be a +43% (or 42.857%) enhancement. Changing it to a Fatigue Attack seems particularly useful against foes that frequently use psi techniques, but would converting it to FP also allow changing Symptoms to work at 1/3 FP, instead of 1/3 HP (i.e. would there need to be an additional cost for that to happen, and if so, how much)?

As a technique (if this can be made into a technique, at all), am I correct in thinking that the cost would be rounded up, making imp and pi++ -2 to skill, and cor and fat -5 to skill? Is it possible to use a technique to convert the damage to a less expensive damage type with a technique, and if so, how much is it worth (I was thinking it could be based on Variable, +5%, so -1, but it's a bit more complicated than Variable)?

Astral Sword vs Possession

If an Astral Entity or Astral Traveler with Barrier Breaking (and Retractable Cord, for the Astral Traveler) is possessing someone in the physical plane, can Astral Sword still banish them? If not, would working against Possession be a separate Symptoms enhancement (+300%, which if it were even allowed to be a technique, would require thirding or quartering the effective level, and would still be at -10 or -8 to skill), or would it be added to the same Symptoms enhancement, just using the more expensive of the two costs (effective increase of +100%, as the base enhancement is +200%)? The latter is more than a little munchkiny, IMHO, but maybe I'm wrong.

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