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The Bearded One
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Default [Pyramid 25: Epic Magic] Essential spells for other colleges

In Antoni Ten's wonderful article "Essential Magic", he details a large number of combat spells for the various elemental colleges (plus one from Meta). I have been thinking that there is room in the other colleges for Essential spells, requiring Magery 4 or above, which need not be combat spells.

I don't have any spell write-ups as yet, but here are some of my ideas for what the other colleges' essential spells might look like:

Animal: Swarm Possession (caster controls an entire swarm/flock/herd of animals simultaneously); Perfect Shapeshifting (a combination of Permanent Shapeshifting and Great Shapeshift).

Body Control: Reform Body (subject temporarily gains one of the following advantages: Injury Tolerance (Diffuse or Homogenous or Damage Reduction or others).

Communication & Empathy: Borrow Knowledge (caster temporarily gains access to all of the subject's skills, languages, and cultural familiarities at the subject's skill levels); Perfect Possession (like Permanent Possession, but caster retains full control over her own body as well as the subject body).

Enchantment: ???

Food: Gourmand's Trap (creates food which is so delicious that it is addictive in the same way that the Ecstasy spell is addictive).

Gate: ???

Healing: Lasting Regeneration (temporarily grants the subject some level of the Regeneration advantage (pB80)).

Illusion & Creation: Create Person (as Create Servant or Create Warrior, but the creation is permanent and genuinely sentient or sapient (depending on the energy invested in the creation)).

Knowledge: ???

Light & Darkness: Body of Light (analogous to Body of Shadow); Essential Darkness (like Darkness with Cosmic-enhancement so it defeats any non-essential light spells or hostile Dark Vision); Darkbolt (analogous to Sunbolt).

Making & Breaking: Reintegrate (like Resurrection for inanimate objects which have been exploded or disintegrated).

Meta-Spells: Dispel Essential Magic (Cosmic-enhanced version of Dispel Magic).

Mind Control: Duplicate Mind (temporarily gives the subject the Compartmentalized Mind advantage); Bisect Mind (gives the subject the Split Personality disadvantage (pB156)).

Movement: Mass Flight (an area version of the Flight spell in which all of the affected subjects can fly as a group controlled by the caster).

Necromantic: ???

Plant: Essential Plant (like Essential Wood, but affects living plants).

Protection & Warning: Ultimate Dome and Ultimate Wall (like Utter Dome/Wall, but with Cosmic enhancement so they cannot be dispelled by non-essential magic).

Sound: Essential Sound (produces perfect musical notes even if the caster has no ear for music, nor does it require constant concentration like Voices does); Sonic Blast and Sonic Jet (missile and jet versions of attacks which - unlike Concussion - do concentrated vibratory damage, ignoring all but 1/3 of armor's DR); Sonic Weapon and Sonic Missiles (instead of adding to damage, these spells grant the weapons a (3) armor divisor).

Technological: ???

Weather: ???

I would be happy to hear any of your ideas about giving numbers to these proposed spells or ideas for other spells that may fit into these colleges.
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