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Default Stacking of Race-based Run Away bonuses

MunchkinMan ruled here (and in other threads) that if you have Run Away bonuses from two of your Races (e.g., an Elf-Feline or now an Elf-Lizard Guy), you only get the best one. This does not seem to be mentioned in the rules nor FAQ.

At the time of this ruling, there was a similar concept for monster combat bonuses against two of your races also failing to stack, which was in the FAQ. However, the FAQ has been changed so that now the monster bonuses do stack:
Originally Posted by FAQ
Q. Do combat bonuses that monsters receive against Races or Classes stack? For example, if a monster gets +4 against Dwarves and +4 against Elves and I'm a half-Dwarf/half-Elf, does that monster get +8 in combat against me?
A. Unless it says otherwise on the card itself, monster combat bonuses do stack. This means that the above monster would be a +8. (Fair warning: this is a change from previous discussions, but it IS the official ruling henceforth.)
Was the denial of Race-based Run Away stacking derived from the similar Race-based combat bonus stacking rule? If so, then has it too been changed so that you can also stack the bonuses from being both an Elf and Lizard Guy now?
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