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Old 06-05-2013, 08:52 AM   #31
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Default Re: Killing someone unkillable

Originally Posted by Tori1332 View Post
If someone could help me build an power o kill this guy i would be grateful.
Given that everything on your character sheet is there because it is permitted by your GM, if your GM wants this enemy to be unkillable then your GM won't permit you to add anything to your character sheet that would allow you to bypass the enemy's unkillable status.

Table problems don't have game mechanical solutions.
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Default Re: Killing someone unkillable

Originally Posted by benz72 View Post
yes, it was... but a good solution to a problem shouldn't be ignored because someone else thought of it first. Even the Wolverine backstory (so much as I understand it) hints at something like this to establish his 'on the edge' craziness.
Ahh, but the Thieves' World link was weak; it happened (a demigod was sold to the alchemist's guild for experiments, as I remember).

The bronzing idea, though, was exactly how the heroes of Bloodsucking Fiends took care of a pair of vampires. So while they were sleeping, the head of the turkey bowlers used a huge electrolyzing vat and individually bronzed them.

Of course, since most vampires I've heard of from literature had super-human strength, that might just make them annoyed. I wonder what the strength of a quarter-inch of bronze is... Ya'know, just in case I have a vampire problem and need a couple of statues to give to the local werewolves. :)

That book talked a lot about the problems of vampire-human dating long before Twilight and Buffy hit the screens.
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Default Re: Killing someone unkillable

In general, when the GM prepares an enemy that is supposed to be "unkillable", the whole idea of the adventure is seeking a way to neutralize his immortality or to defeat him without "killing" him. It's generally more fun for players to share common interests with the GM.

One classic method for defeating an "unkillable" enemy is hurling him away into outer space. It's easy in principle: you can just throw him upward so fast that he completely escapes from your planet's gravitational well. To do so, you only have to buy up ST.
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boss monster, building, campaign advice, help wanted, power build

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