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Old 07-18-2014, 12:20 AM   #1
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Default Anime California 8/22-24/2014

Coming up in the Disneyland area of Orange County is Anime' California. We are at the Hyatt Regency Garden Grove, in Orange County, California from Aug 22-24, 2014. Tickets are now $50 for the weekend and we should have lots of fun.
The preliminary game room schedule is here and includes some great SJ Games Demos (we have our MiBs).
Castellan Game and demo
Dicey Sj Games Demos: Zombie Dice, Cthulu Dice, Chubacabra, Dino Hunt Dice
Sheer Loonacy (Looney Labs game demo)
Regular Show Fluxx
RPG (6-8 players) 8-Midnight
Munchkin demo(deluxe)
Cards Against Humanity (After 10PM 18+)
Magic The Gathering Draft
Munchkin Pathfinder demo & game
Chez Geek House Party

RPG (6-8 players) 8- midnight
Are You a Werewolf?
Cards Against Humanity (After 10PM 18+)
Ticket To Ride
7 Wonders
Settlers of Catan/Star Trek Catan
Munchkin Tournament? (depends on interest/sign ups)
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Old 08-25-2014, 10:37 AM   #2
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Crestline, CA
Default Re: Anime California 8/22-24/2014

Anime California is done, and wow, did we ever have a great tabletop gaming room. Estimated attendance for this first year convention was 1500-1800, but it was actually 3230 unique badges issued. So, double the expectation. Castellan was a HUGE hit, we ran Munchkin demos 4 times to drum up interest in our tournament and had a decent showing. The dice games demo was super fun and we had a crowd, many of whom brought back friends to learn the games, too. We had bookmark card and pencil giveaways for everyone, thanks to the generosity of Warehouse23 and nice prizes that the winners were glowing over. Thanks so much for the support of this brand new convention!
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castellan, chez geek, munchkin, tournament, zombie dice

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