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Default Re: [MH] Caribbean by Night

Originally Posted by adm View Post
Having a more generic name allows references to the group in situations that may raise more issues than not. Particularly with any paper work on weapons, cars, etc.
J.R. Kessler, the Patron that funds them, specifically hasn't named them anything official. Weapons, cars and salaries are all handled through networks of companies, both offshore and US-based. Some of these include IYR Inc., Sentinel Risk Managment Inc., ISHIM Ltd., as well as probably many others that don't happen to be ones that pay the PCs any money on a regular basis. Kessler believes that names have power and once you name a thing, you define it. You may make it stronger, in a way, but you also limit it and constrain its nature. You also make it easier for others to notice it, discuss it, target it and destroy it.

To Kessler, the hunters are definitely 'that thing of ours'. He ran a casino in Havana back in the fifties, for crying out loud. The man practically oozes Mob connections, at least back in the day.

When I say I'm looking for a name, I'm looking for what those who are in on the secret call the group, purely unofficially.

Originally Posted by adm View Post
Given the various connections to PMCs, Stewards or Wardens should be a good fit. Official they are company MPs making sure the other groups the over all company controls are well behaved. Having a real group labeled Wardens would increase that cover, while they are a subgroup directly working with their boss, and referred to as Stewards works very well.
Officially, the hunters are employed by one or more of the PSCs that Kessler owns through a layered web of offshore companies and/or by IYR Inc., the company that pays the yacht staff for the Penemue and other yachts, boats, ships, helicopters, seaplanes and marinas owned by Kessler.

I'm thinking of what the people on the eight person away team on Penemue, as well as the three other four men teams, call themselves. It's not written down on any paperwork. It doesn't have an official existence. It's what rough men who face death while defending a world that doesn't know about the threat call their very exclusive and select group, even if their Patron would prefer that they do not call it anything at all.

Though Kessler wouldn't actively prevent them from adopting an unofficial moniker. He understands their position well enough. Almost eighty years ago, he joined the Foreign Legion and only a few months after that, the country he agreed to fight for didn't exist any more, or rather, was now composed of Vichy France and some ragged remnants of a defeated army, scattered around backwater colonies or fleeing to the land of their ancient enemies.

A legion of the lost, fighting for an oblivious and uncaring people, in defiance of a government that denies the threat and the cause, traitors if they lose, ignored when they win, is really nothing new to him.
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