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Default Re: [MH] Caribbean by Night

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post

Half- what else, though?

Scots-Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Hispanic, etc.?

I mean the real one, that is.

I don't know. If I had to guess, I'd say 4th generation Americanized Welsh, judging from his last name (patronymic name with a plural) and the makeup of the surrounding population. He's from a small cow town about 30 minutes off the reservation. I think his tribe is Ute, if that help's with the legends and so forth. If not, he lives close to somebody else's reservation.

I'm not sure how often Caribbean immigrants end up in the US army, but it hasn't struck me as a very common scenario. You might want to recruit someone from the armed forces or police of the islands. The Caribbean has some pretty hard-core police forces: some groups are primarily seen in full swat gear.

For a name you can have Zamal Juman. That's an indo-carribean name. For a background make him formerly part of either the "Black Clothes Police" or "Death Squad", all of which had their heyday in the 90's, opposing a criminal "Phantom Squad". The exact roles and history of these organizations are disputed even today, thought the black clothes police are still around (I think). He would have either been directly recruited by the monster hunters in Guyana or he was able to emigrate to the US to find higher paying work. And possibly to get out of a fairly small country (population-wise).
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