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Default My Star Wars/DnD inspired Game

Hello fellow gurpsters. At the request of a friend who has been following my ideas for a while now, I am designing a campaign idea I have been sitting on for a long time now.
This campaign is inspired by and loosely based on ideas I have found to be interesting to combine, namely DnD and Star Wars but with other elements from other ideas as well. I just thought I might share these ideas here in order to gain feedback from the GURPS gaming community and offer up these ideas for others who might wish to incorporate them into their games however they like. The files I will posting are far from complete and will evolve and expand over time during playtesting, but this is what I have thus far. I look forward to hearing everyone's suggestions and ideas. and please excuse any mistakes I make in writing or posting as this all new for me.

The Praetorian Empire
• Located close to the galactic center
• Ruled by Emperor Praetor for 300 years
• Consists of the following organizations which are controlled by the
o Ministry of Trade – Governs private and government business
o Justiciars - Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the Praetorian Law.
Considered to be incorruptible as they indoctrinated to firmly believe
themselves on the side of justice. Some however see themselves as
above the law they administer.
o Silver Hand – Spy network. Works outside the Empire’s jurisdiction
o Red Hand – Secret Police. Answers to the Justiciars
o Black Hand – Group of psions who monitor the other government
entities and answers only to Emperor himself.
o Ministry of Media – Controls the entertainment and news outlets.
o Ministry of Labor – Governs work policies to include slave labor.
o Black Guard – The Emperor’s Elite guard
o Ministry of Science – Dictates and governs all policies concerning
science and technology
• Cloning technology is only allowed for nobility and those deemed
exceptionally useful to the empire as a means of rewarding loyalty and
• Genetic manipulation is officially outlawed by the empire. Those who
live outside the empire suspect that the technology is impossible for
unknown reasons.
• Cyber technology is granted to military and law enforcement to
continue their service but only after a vital body part is lost in the line
of duty.
• Military units are supplemented with cyclones (cybernetic clones) for
use as shock troops.
• Nonhumans are considered second class citizens and may only be
allowed to conduct business under the watchful eye of the trade guild.
• Any non-citizen found guilty of criminal activity may be sold into slavery
• Sentient droids are outlawed entirely and only those of nobility may
own volitional/nonvolitional droids for personal service under strict
o Droids may be owned only by human members of a noble house or high
status and no more than 5 (4 nonvolitional service droids and 1
volitional droid to assist in management).
o All volitional droids must undergo periodic resets to avoid random
spontaneous self awareness (Sentience).
o Non-citizens are allowed to enter the empire’s sector with droids only if
the droids are given a complete neural scan by authorities and deemed
non sentient.
o Expertly forged documents of approval can be purchased from the
Black Ring or cursory ones from the local streetwisers.
• Chimerans are considered valuable property and may be owned by
human and nonhuman alike for various purposes.
o Used in mass primarily by the empire and major corporations for slave
o Any ownership of slaves is considered a status symbol by most citizens.
o There is an underground movement that is gaining popularity by
regular citizens to rescue slaves from oppression called the Chimeran
Liberation Front (CLF)
• Manhunters are usually employed outside the Empires law
enforcement’s jurisdiction to capture and return fugitives. Some bounty
hunters with less scruples have been known to accept less savory
contracts such as assassinations and Nemesis Enforcers.
• Psions – All citizens are tested at an early age for psionic abilities.
o Those found developing such powers are immediately taken away never
to be heard from again.
o they are believed to be recruited into the Black Hand if young enough
to be indoctrinated or are otherwise destroyed if deemed
o It is possible to fool or otherwise avoid detection but only for so long
and not without much sacrificing of one’s personal well being (i.e.
owning or renting a domicile or being legally employed.
For now the TL is not well defined because the tech levels are all over the place but suffice it to say there is very little TL11 around (with a few notable exceptions), and the general TL readily found hovers around 9 and 10. Lower TL are of course found on many backwater planets.
More to follow
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Default Re: My Star Wars/DnD inspired Game

• Smuggler –
• Manhunter –
• Spy –
o Draconian Infiltrator –
o Silver Hand –
• Streetwiser –
• Mystic –
• Lore Warden –
• Nemesis Enforcer –
• Warlord –
• Empath –
• Shaman –
• Seer –
• Ring Bearer – Member of the intergalactic Criminal organization called the Black Ring. The more rings worn, the higher the individuals status within the organization.
Cabalist - Opposite of the Mystic Order
very far from complete
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Default Re: My Star Wars/DnD inspired Game

• Dag Debreeny –
• Nefarria –
• Lady Emilette Refoult –
• Crystal Eaters –
• Chimerans – Subjugated hybrids of human and terran animals which were originally created by humans to serve as slave races
• Khyber Crystals – Used by mystics to create soulshards which hone and enhance their natural psionic abilities.
• Shannara system – The area of the galaxy where the Elves come from. Ruled by the Seelie court
• Seelie Court – Consists of the court of stars (governs the policies which dictate interstellar relations), Fey Court (governs internally the relations of all other subject races), and the Wyld Court (which governs all environmental matters within the Elven worlds)
• Druids – Members of the Wyld Court who have become Mystics and who have a special affinity with nature specific to their home world and all nature in general.
• Alazraqui –
• The Markann –
• Tao –
• The Outer Reach – A lawless sector that surrounds the furthest areas of the galaxy. The majority of the outer reach is controlled by the black ring.
• The Black Ring – A vast criminal organization that controls a large section of the outer reach and has influence farther in.
• Emperor Praetorius – The Absolute ruler of the praetorian empire and racist egomaniac. Secretly a very powerful mystic in his own right. Due to a hinted prophesy, has a deep seated fear of AI droids and therefore has outlawed then in his domain.
• The Praetorian Empire – A large human dominant section of the galaxy ruled by Emperor Praetorius. Within it’s borders, Mystics and AIs are outlawed, hunted down and executed on the spot. Specific non human races are treated as second class citizens except for Chimerans, who are subjugated. Only those of nobility are allowed to own bots. Said bots are given a certain amount of autonomy and freedom to perform their duties in their master’s name provided they are periodically rebooted to prevent any possibility of acquiring sentience.
• The Patrol – A law enforcement agency that patrols the trade routes and planets within the Praetorian Empire. Trade ships are routinely inspected for authorized activities. Certain infractions can usually be overlooked for the right “fine”.
• Terradyne – Homeworld to the Praetorian Empire. Nonhumans are allowed to own businesses and conduct trade with permission from the merchant’s Guild. All other merchants are regulated by the Guild to prevent economic imbalance within the empire.
• Cyclones – Cybernetic clones who are created by the Praetorian empire to serve as soldiers in various campaigns against it warring neighbors which include the Draconian empire, the
• Sell Swords – A large and diverse unit of militant Kronin (Orc) who offer their services to the highest bidder. Usually operate in larger units
• Blank Shields – Various Kronin clans of savage noble warriors who give their fealty to whatever constitutes honorable causes in their eyes. Usually operate in smaller groups if at all.
• Ashin – Humans of Asian decent. Come from the planet Kyoto
• Wakanins – Humans of African decent. Come from the planet Zula-ka
• Russian
• Indian
• Latin
• ?
• Alya S’ren –
• Naara S’ren –
• Maara S’ren –
• The Dominion –
• Jax –
• Drey Deckart –
• Chimera – A world populated by hybrid races created by human Geneticists eons ago to serve as slave races.
• Qatari – A culture of humans with middle eastern decent. From the planet Alazraqi
• Al-Hazred – Leader of Alazraqi and the Qatari
• Khyber – The homeworld where the mystic order originated. Inaccessible by any conventional means. The only means to travel to it is by very secret hidden portals guarded by the Ellyllon. Apprentices are sent there to complete their trials by searching for the Khyber crystal that calls out to them and bonding with it, thereby turning it into a soulshard.
• Lars Noxis –
• Saddur –
• Zaheed Ela-Shan –
• Sheer Khan –
• Kir Monks –
• Shae Teal –
• Katan – A frontier planet consisting mostly of community farms run by immigrants seeking a better productive life in agriculture
• Ghaleb Dur –
• Seth Garan –
• Belasario –
• Gavin Drae –
• Killeena –
• Kilgore – Asterian leader of the CLF (Chimeran Liberation Front)
• Egan Voltair –
• Bura Duran –
• Bakka –
• Red Hand –
• Black Hand –
• Silver Hand –
• Tristan Grey –
• Sho kai –
• Vespa –
• Tyr Rex –
• Jada Lynn –
• Caul Duran – Human Bounty Hunter, Lars Nox’s competitor
• M’ghan –
• Bat Lash –
• Cad Bane –
• Xochi –
• Tartarus - A mining penal colony planet. The surface is deemed inhospitable by human standards and thus escape is not possible.
• Hades – A penal planet where survival of the fittest is the only rule and is monitored heavily for entertainment purposes by
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Default Re: My Star Wars/DnD inspired Game

Khyber Crystals
• Used by mystics to create Soulshards which hone and enhance their natural psionic abilities
• Found only on the planet Khyber where the mystic order was founded
• A Mystic apprentice must journey alone across the planet to locate his or her own crystal which calls out to them
• The journey may take several years and involve traversing the various landscapes and encountering dangerous creatures to find the crystal that calls out to the apprentice
• Upon finding the crystal the initiate then spends several weeks in quiet meditation, bonding with the crystal before it becomes their soulshard.
• Over the course of the mystics life, the soulshard will develop a type of sentience which closely resembles the owners characteristics and personality.
• If a souldshard is ever separated from its owner, it will do everything it can to be reunited with them.
• Soulshards are often given by a dying mystic to someone they trust to keep. Doing so will allow the new owner to communicate with the previous owner from beyond the veil of passing (death)
• It is considered a great honor to be given ones soulshard. In the event the new owner cannot maintain possession of it, it is given to the order to remain in the vault of reverence, where it may be used by the order to refer to in times of need (to inquire information from it pertaining to the previous owners knowledge or wisdom, or to be used in dire situations by another mystic with similar abilities)
• Most often however, a soulshard is either given to a master’s student to be returned to the order or the soulshard will attempt to find its way to them itself.
• Using the soulshard of another mystic comes with the risk of acquiring the previous owners personality traits as well as their memories if not careful
• Legend tell that it is possible to use a mystics soulshard against them but it is believed that the art of corrupting a soulshard has been long since lost.
• The Cabal are believed to have been formed by mystics ages ago who were corrupted by dark Khyber crystals or who had given in to dark emotions
• The Cabal would once seek out their own Khyber crystals on the planet as well but do so under the guise of being mystic initiates
• The Cabal now however fashion their own Crystals synthetically which has been cause for concern as that tends to warp the users mind eventually
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Default Re: My Star Wars/DnD inspired Game

• Terrans (Humans) –
• Kronin (Orcs) – Two separate subraces exist. The warrior blank shields, and the militant sell swords . Neither groups particularly like the other due to a difference in honor.
• Gobi -
o Goblins – Generally known for trading and stealing. Goblins are particularly intrigued with acquiring technology by either means
o Hobgoblins – Larger cousins to the Goblins. Not as bright but useful as enforcers and mercs if closely managed
• Duar-gar (Dwarves) – Known for living on very large mining ships and frequenting asteroid belts and other planets for ore.
• Ellyllon (Elves) –
• Chimerans –
o Asterians (Minotaurs) – Used for heavy labor and security
o Canites – Dog like race used as loyal but expendable shock troops. Do not get along with ferals and jaegers
o Ferals – Cat like race used for entertainment and espionage.
o Jaeger – Catlike race used as trackers and hunters. Do not get along with Canites
o Astrions (Fawns) – Goat like races used for entertainment and menial labor.
• Draconians (Lizard Folk )
• Naga’a (Naga) – Race of serpent like people who are subjugated by the Draconian empire and considered to be opportunists
• C’thullids (Mind Flayers) – A race of brain eaters from beyond the reach (adjacent galaxy) who seek domination of all sentient life whom they consider to be nothing but food and laborers. Constantly at war with the aboleths and the watchers
• Pecks (Halflings) –
• Bales – A deplorable race of blood drinkers who seek power through machiavellian machinations. It is common for them to join the Cabal.
• Kenku – Bird like race known for being good spies and informants. Excellent voice mimickers
• Aboleth – Large three eyed fish like race from beyond the reach with powerful psionic abilities
• Yaun Ti –
• Gith –
• Aarokocra –
• Tritons –
• Genasi –
• Aasimar – A now extinct golden skin race of psions who attempted to bring harmony to the galaxy through peaceful means during the third eon
• Tabaxi – A catlike race of thrill seekers
• Dhampir –
• Xenomorph –
• Firbolg –
• Leonin –
• Loxodon –
• Astrions (Satyrs) –
• Tortles –
• Cambions –
• Tiefling –
• The Hive –
o Myrmidons
o Myrmites
o Thranx
o Foragers
o Hunters
• Atarians
• Golobulans – An enigmatic race from beyond the reach with advanced biotech. Their technology is highly sought after by nefarious individuals and is a closely guarded secret.
• Cyclones – Cybernetic clones used by the Praetorian empire as shock troops. The only human based slave race. Designed not to have free thought...usually.
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