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Default Girl Genius' Europa in the Infinite Worlds?

I think this whenever a new setting book for GURPS appears: How can/will it fit in the Quantums? And Girl Genious is no exception. (For the record, I haven't read the book, yet. Money's tight.)

Which quantum do we stick Europa in?

How would Homeline/Centrum/The College react to/handle Europa and the Sparks?

Designation? Spark? Europa? Or Europa-2, since that name could also apply to Castle Falkenstein?

Any relations/parallels to Castle Falkenstein?

What's the mana level? Besides 'None', 'cause let's be honest...

How much of an 'oh no..'. is Europa figuring out the Secret?

How does the Spark interact with parachronics?

How do parachronics interact with the Spark?

Do we get meta with it and make Europa a myth parallel, with Homeline's Phil & Kaja freaking out if/when they get the news? Or have they always known?

Am I a lazy bugger outsourcing this to probably more creative folks? Well, yes, if I'm being honest.
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