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Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Starborn Council Leader: "Space is huge, and time is vast. Together . . . they're mindboggling."


Raquel: "I need to take this to Master Ton Lor."
Ying: "Who is that?"
Raquel: "He's--she hesitates for a moment, to chose the right words--my mentor who is teaching me how to fight."
Bella: "We need that. We need a lot of that."
Sarah: "We need a montage."


Bella: "The Force lets me teleport! See! Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. THUD."
Sarah: "And that's how we wound up in another dimension."


Bella: "My bucketlist has a hole in it."
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

From a game I happened to strafe on a discord server where I am a mod, but not part of the game itself:

Kit raises her hand. "Okay. Let's assume I am a spy and I get the mission to fail. That means Eiry winds up dead, or perhaps captured and dragged away to some deep Empire prison I'll never have time to visit because I'm still doing my mission up here. That means that I would never get to cuddle Eiry again. That is clearly an unacceptable outcome. Therefore, I cannot be an Empire spy."
"Life ... is an Oreo cookie." - J'onn J'onzz, 1991

"But mom, I don't wanna go back in the dungeon!"

The GURPS Marvel Universe Reboot Project A-G, H-R, and S-Z, and its not-a-wiki-really web adaptation.
Ranoc, a Muskets-and-Magery Renaissance Fantasy Setting
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actual play, funny

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