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Default Re: [The Word] The Bearded One's Campaign Log

Originally Posted by William View Post
Are you enforcing the fact that a Balseraph has to believe whatever it is he has just resonated someone with? The first one a Liar convinces is himself.

Randomly, a human ought to eventually resist him, even if it's just on a crit or Divine Intervention.

Also, if he's using it an awful lot, then the first critfail or, worse, Divine Intervention should be magnificent.
The point I was trying to make for him is a lot of GMs see something as a problem. The problem exists for ooc not ic reasons such as "by doing that you are cutting out this other player and not letting him have any fun." but rather than saying that to the player who may not realize they start trying to solve it with ic means. They start putting obstacles ic to keep the player from successfully doing whatever it is they were doing. The player not being told why this is happening feels that he's being unfairly targeted and gets frustrated. It took me a long time, but I finally learned to first try and solve ooc problems ooc instead of trying to enforce some aspect of the game world in order to solve them.
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