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Old 09-23-2015, 09:52 PM   #1
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Default Specific Weakness Advantage/Disadvantage

I was wondering what advantage/disadvantage it would be so that only a certain condition kills you? For example, a robot that can only die if its head was destroyed, but limbs and such can still be destroyed normally. I would assume I would track damage separately from the head than from the rest of the body. Say, if all other damage reached -5x HP, then you are just totally incapacitated, but if damage to your head specifically reached -5x HP, then you just die (You would still do HT rolls for survival due to head damage).
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Default Re: Specific Weakness Advantage/Disadvantage

Sounds like Unkillable 1, with a custom Limitation for "Head Damage Works Normally". (That phrase still doesn't exactly match your spec, since death checks normally occur based on total damage, but you can name it anything you like.) Going by the hit location chart, damage to the neck/skull/face is about 10%, so we might use the "Rare" value for Achilles' Heel (-10%). Possibly "Occasional" at -30%, but that seems overly generous unless everyone knows to shoot robots in the head.
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Default Re: Specific Weakness Advantage/Disadvantage

Unkillable 2: No Unkillable 1 (-20%), Achilles' Heel: Dain Bramage (-10%) [70]
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advantage, character creation, disadvantage, rules clarification

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