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jason taylor
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Default Re: [Space] Question on Low TL prices in High TL societies.

Originally Posted by cvannrederode View Post
So I'm looking at a space settings with the following things:

Society recovering from a "long-night".
The center of the campaign being a city on a Ceres sized body (with artificial gravity) -- "Tython".
The inclusion of Alardin (or something based heavily on it) from Space Atlas 4.

Now Alardin is listed as TL 4(10), but in my campaign it would end up as TL 4 at the edge of 5, with a TL 9 walled start town.

My question is this...with the economy of Tython self-sufficient but lacking in certain things, how would that affect the prices of TL 4 luxury items that would be impractical for a TL 9 space colony to produce? I'm thinking things like natural fabrics, wood and leather, and food that isn't grown in a vat. Travel times would be 2-3 weeks, but it's still not economical to lift massive amounts of things into orbit.

I know that RAW state that a TL 4 item is the same cost at TL 9 as it was at introduction, but that doesn't take into account things like a closed-environment space habitat not being able to raise sheep or grow trees.
The price is not directly related to the TL of goods. A SwissChamp costs more than a Kindle Fire. A Sumitami blade would be almost unsaleable.

Many items are prestige or collector's items and some are rated by the difficulty of transport, or whatever. TL may actually be a small item.

For example imagine purchasing an aristocrat's mansion in Britain.
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