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Default Re: [spaceships] Ohka Heavy Torpedo Bomber(TL 10/Realistic)

Originally Posted by weby View Post
-So a 1 ton vehicle adding 2 points to each location will have DR 40*1.2=48 all around so if hardened that is more than enough against even larger beam weapons.
Note a 1 ton streamlined missile is 32 cm, while the Ohka is meant to be using 16 cm missiles. A 1 ton unstreamlined missile, as your DR values imply, would be roughly 48 cm, although I suspect you could build the launchers with more-or-less the same weight. Regardless, an SM+5 vessel like the Ohka can't even launch 1-ton missiles.

Once you get to a weapon platform that can launch those, you're looking at roughly 1/100th the RoF (SM+7, spinal battery as opposed to 3 tertiary batteies) compared to 16 cm, so your opponent could afford to mount PD weapons that deal something like 5x as much damage (opponents need 1/100th the RoF they needed to deal with the 16 cm barrage, so can have 100x the output, which is around 5x the damage), which will defeat your armor fairly readily.

Originally Posted by weby View Post
It has time to build a really high relative velocity and still have nice power for final attack maneuvers where the plasma sails are useless.
A plasma sail's 0.001 G acceleration requires just under 2 days for every 1 mps of velocity. I strongly suspect OP is looking for a weapon system that takes less time than that to engage the enemy. Additionally, when going that route, I should note that the same increase in weapon size the OpFor can get because of your low RoF also allows them to engage your missiles at a further distance. If you can time your missiles to all reach the area of engagement at roughly the same time, the target is in a bit more trouble. However, note that even the Ohka's basic sensors will probably be able to detect a single missile by the time it reaches 70,000 miles away (+2 for SM, +7 for plasma sail, +10 for plain sight, +24 for silhouette against deep space, +4 for Telescopic Vision, works out to +47 total, for +0 at 70,000 miles; note also this assumes a scan every 20 seconds, so you'll likely be detected further out), and a huge swarm of them will be detected further than that. At that range, it can either launch countermissiles to intercept, or just adjust its vector so it doesn't intersect (forcing you to burn some of your limited delta-V to adjust, and it has far more of that to spare than your missiles do).
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